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"Clean Up" Your Sales Technique

4.5 million compromised in Hospital Hack

Quality Assurance

Performance Management
Protect your workforce during flu season
Dan Seidman, 2013 Summit
Keith Carrington, 2013 Summit
Keith Carrington, 2/26/15 Recorded
HIPAA Webinar
Servicing Veterinary Labs,
Amber Hilt, 2014 Summit
Servicing Blood Banks,
Leo DeBandi, 2014 Summit
Servicing Home Infusion
Pharmacies, Richard Iyrie,
(followed by) Servicing Nuclear
Medicine, Carl Bennett,
2013 Summit
Servicing Diagostic Laboratories, Pam
Kotynski, (followed by) Servicing
Pathology Labs, Alex Halsey,
2013 Summit
Servicing Pharmacies, Paul Baldwin
& Mark Winkel, 2014 Summit
First Quarter 2017
Dan Seidman, 2015 Summit
Home Infusion Deliveries,
Mark Winkel, 2015 Summit
Servicing the Large Pharmaceutical Industry,
Mike France, Cardinal Health, 2015 Summit
Diagnostic Labs
Servicing Diagnostic Laboratories,
Chris Sorensen, 2015 Summit
Division 6.2 Specifics (Category A, B, and
Exempt Specimens), Patricia Payne, 2015 Summit
Quality Assurance Considerations in the
Lab you service, Kimberly Grady, 2015 Summit
2018 Webinars
Leo DeBandi, American Red Cross
Alex Halsey, Strata Pathology
Patricia Payne, Specimen Classification